Heather Menzies Pattern Design, LLC

Heather Menzies Pattern Design specializes in women's and children's dresses and sportswear. With over 25 years experience in New York City's Garment District, she has developed an excellent eye for interpretation, accurate fitting skills, and fast and reliable service. Her studio offers 1st through production patterns, fittings, fit samples, and prototypes.
1st Patterns - The initial pattern for a garment made from a drawing, a photograph, measurements, or a combination of existing garments. I prefer to make my 1st patterns manually on paper or by draping.
Production Patterns -  The final pattern made from approved and corrected 1st patterns. Usually these are in CAD form, but oaktag patterns are also available. Production patterns include a direction card, specs, a rough yardage, and sewing instructions.
Fittings - Can be done remotely via Skype or in my  NY studio. Initial fittings are done with a mock up and after corrections are made, either the finished prototype is then sewn or a 2nd mock up if a difficult garment.
Samples - The three types: mock ups, 1st samples (prototypes), and counter samples. Mock ups are made from muslin with unfinished seams and are used in the first fitting. 1st samples are the approved and corrected sample. Counter samples are a single garment made by the factory to check the production pattern for accuracy, sewing speed, costing, and for the client to check factory quality.
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